The Bobaloos CD
This is high-energy rock and roll at its best. Vocalist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple/Trapeze) sings lead on most of the songs and performs an exhilarating feat. The album is put together by Franky Day who is an original Bobaloo that produced, wrote and played lead and rhythm guitar for the record. Franky brought in his Bobaloo friends Marty Fab (Wolfe/Albatross), Boonie Maroonie (Hurricane), Chis Lewis (Magic Cat/Purple Mushroom), Bobby Mobley, Michael Bastedo, Bobby Williams, Robin Floyd, Christie Vaughn, Tony Vaughn, TV Strain and Billy Anderson.


Just some of the highlights of the album is the performances of Billy Powell and Leon Wilkeson (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Gregg Allman (Allman Brothers/Gregg Allman Band) and Howard Leese (Heart/Paul Rodgers Band).


This self-titled album was mixed by heavyweights Brendan O'brien and Rodney Mills.

Hear it to believe it.




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The Bobaloos CD Guest Musicians


  1.  Goin Out Dancin
      Vocals: Glenn Hughes - Organ: Bobby Mobley - Sax: Bobby Williams


  1.  You Should Have Known Better

 Vocals: Glenn Hughes - Strings: Howard Leese
 Harpsicord: Bobby Mobley


  1.  Don’t Turn Your Back On Me


  1.  Bad Reputation


  1.  Jesus Come Rescue Me

 Vocals: Glenn Hughes - Piano & Strings: Howard Leese
 Organ: Bobby Mobley


  1.  Tell Me

 Vocals: Robin Floyd - Glenn Hughes – Christi Roland Vaughn
 Harmony & Slide Guitar: TV Strain - Harpsicord & Strings: Billy Powell
 Sax: Michael Bastedo - Bass: Tony Vaughn


  1.   I Don’t Mind My Baby

  Vocals: Glenn Hughes - Robin Floyd - Christi Roland Vaugan
  Harmony Guitar: TV Strain / Piano: Billy Powell - Sax: Michael Bastedo


  1.   See What Love Can Do

  Vocals: Robin Floyd - Organ: Gregg Allman - Organ: Bobby Mobley


  1.   I’m In Love Again

  Vocals: Robin Floyd - Lead Guitar: TV Strain - Organ: Bobby Mobley


  1.   Moovin Groovin

  Vocals: Glenn Hughes - Piano: Billy Powell - Bass: Leon Wilkeson
  Drums:  Billy Anderson


  1.   Slow Down

  Vocals: Frankie Day - Piano: Bobby Mobley - Bass: Tony Vaughn

The Bobaloos
High Energy Rock & Roll
Jacksonville, FL