About The Bobaloos

The original band was formed in Atlanta, GA in 1979. Originally named "Hurricane", in 1987 they changed their name to "The Bobaloos", playing clubs in the Southeast building their fan support. Since then, they have headlined in 1,000 seat halls and have opened for .38 Special, Gregg Allman, Scorpions, Johnny Winter, Molly Hatchet, Robin Trower and many others. The Bobaloos are some of the most diverse, accomplished, hard rocking musicians who came together in a one time only compilation. Eleven songs of energetic rock and blues. Every one a tribute to the unwavering belief that the music is the only thing that matters along with love and truth.


  • VOCALS: Glenn Hughes - Robin Floyd - Franky Day - Christi Roland Vaughn
  • GUITAR: Franky Day - Marty Fab - TV Strain
  • BASS: Boonie Maroonie - Leon Wilkeson - Tony Vaughn
  • DRUMS: (Late) Chris Lewis - Billy Anderson
  • ORGAN: Gregg Allman (Tracks 4 & 8)
  • PIANO/STRINGS: Howard Leese
  • PIANO/HARPSICORD: Billy Powell
  • SAX: Michael Bastedo - Bobby Williams


GUEST APPEARANCES: Glenn Hughes, Gregg Allman, Leon Wilkeson, Billy Powell, Robin Floyd, Chris Lewis, Boonie Maroonie, Marty Fab, Bobby Mobley, Michael Bastedo, Christi Roland Vaughn, TV Strain, Tony Vaughn, Billy Anderson and Bobby Williams

Franky Day (Founder, Writer & Producer of the Group)
Rodney Mills (Engineer)

Being played on this CD are a 1960 Gibson Curly Maplewood Sunburts Les Paul, 1958 Gibson Les Paul Jr, 1968 Les Paul with PAF's, 1966 Fender Stratocaster, 1991 Guild 12 String Jumbo, Gibson Hummingbird & Ibanez Korina Wood Flying V through Fender, Hiwatt & Gallien-Kruger Amplifiers and Hurricane Cabinets.



Short Kutz, INsite Magazine
Diverse and potent, this album is traditional for fans of old-fashioned southern rock. "Goin Out Dancin" and "Movin Groovin" stand out in particular- both are unstoppable, high energy, pure rock -n- roll jams that beg to be blasted at full volume. The stirring "Jesus Come Rescue Me" goes a more melodic route, unraveling a heartfelt plea for guidance in a world gone wrong. With guest appearances from Greg Allman, Glen Hughes (Deep Purple) and Leon Wilkeson (Lynyrd Skynyrd), The Bobaloos provide evidence that rock may not be completely dead after all."


Dan Wakely, Nashville Music Guide
"This album of original & cover tunes showcases some of the greatest musicianship of any rock -n- roll album currently on the market. No wonder since the guest musicians on the 11 song CD are some of the greatest rock -n- roll players that have ever performed on stage. You'll find the names of current members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Deep Purple, Heart and the Paul Rogers Band in the following list of session players on this classic rock -n- roll CD... Glenn Hughes, Billy Powell, Franky Day, Marty Fab, Christi Vaughn, Michael Bastedoe, Greg Allman, Howard Leese, Leon Wilkeson, Chris Lewis, Boonie Maroonie, Robin Floyd, Bobby Mobley, Bobby Williams, Tony Vaughn, Billy Anderson and T V Strain."


Bayre Cassell, Nashville Music Guide
"Hidden Find: If you like good southern Rock and you would like some new kickin' songs, look no further than The Bobaloos. This album contains great songs with a who's who of players, including Greg Allman on organ and Billy Powell on piano. This is a must for anyone into rock 'n roll."



The Bobaloos - What's The Hullabaloo
By Last Chance - 11/14/2014
Bacon And Music


We're going to try something a little unorthodox... You on board yet?  Good.

The Bobaloos are bringing back an old school 80's sound in lightning fashion!  The sounds hitting your ears are classic vocals, upbeat piano stylings, a harpsichord (a freaking harpsichord), a splash of strings, a swinging organ, killer guitar, smooth bass, hard backbone drum lines and yes a saxophone.  Then again this band is comprised of some of the most noticeable names of that star studded era.


Vocals:  Franky Day, Glenn Hughes, Robin Floyd, Christi Ronald Vaughn

Piano/Harpsichord/Strings: Billy Powell, Howard Leese, Bobby Mobley

Organ:  Gregg Allman

Guitar:  Franky Day, Marty Fab, TV Strain

Bass:  Boonie Maroonie, Leon Wilkeson, Tony Vaughn

Drums:  Chris Lewis, Billy Anderson

Sax:  Michael Bastedo, Bobby Williams


Now trust me when I say, this is an intense amount of star power for a single band, especially in this day and age.  These guys were originally founded in 1979 as Hurricane, then they changed the name to The Bobaloos in 1987.  Ever since they've been a great find throughout the southeastern part of the United States.


They definitely have a great sound that is hard to find these days, especially with songs like the featured "Don't Turn Your Back On Me", "Should Have Known Better", "Tell Me" and plenty others you can find on their self titled album.


These guys keep it tride and true slaying it hard on electric Gibson's, as true rockers do, they respect a well made intrument.  Using their same sound on their upcoming album "Rock and Roll Your Blues Away", with the talent this band attracts, you can guarantee that this album will be one you'll want to check out!


So hop on over to their site, although a bit rudimentary, it gives off the right flavor for the sound of the band.  A sound that transports you 88mph backed by 1.21 gigawatts.  Go check them out for yourselves!



The Bobaloos
High Energy Rock & Roll
Jacksonville, FL